Monday, August 30, 2010

Homework due Sept. 13

1. Finish setting up your blog in Blogger. Figure out ways of decorating it to make it your own.

2. Surf the web in search of cool writerly/literary sites. Find and blog about:
  • One cool writer's site (self-promotion)
  • One excellent online literary journal
  • One example of hypertext narrative
  • One online site/project you'd be interested in learning how to do
  • One terrible writer's site
In each blog entry, talk about what the site does, why it works...and how you think it could be improved. Be sure to include a (URL) link to the site and a photo or illustration from the site.

3. I will post links to each student's blog on the right-hand column of this blog. Please take a look and "follow" other students' blogs. You will be expected to comment on at least three blog entries per week.

Links from Aug. 30 class


Creative Blogs:

Personal Promotion:

Hypertext Narrative:


CWPA 781 - Electronic Publishing Fall 2010
Instructor: Jenny O'Grady
410-455-1711 (work)

TA: Meredith Purvis

Course Objectives

Electronic Publishing introduces students to alternate forms of writing and publishing on the Internet. Students will:

⁃ Learn basic web publishing skills using Dreamweaver CS4 and blog platforms
⁃ Broaden understanding of types of electronic publishing
⁃ Produce writing projects specific to electronic publishing
⁃ Engage in discussion of intention and outcomes of design choices
⁃ Gain confidence and knowledge to use the web as a reference and source of electronic publishing aid
⁃ Learn marketable skills in web publishing, video editing, blogging, etc.

Homework assignments, reading links, syllabus and class project information will be available online at

Text and Supplies

⁃ Instructional guides to Dreamweaver CS4 and/or iMovie (suggested)
⁃ USB flash drive (required)

Assignments and Grading

Students will complete weekly assignments, as well as a mid-semester and final electronic publishing project. Students will be expected to blog three times per week, each week. Attendance counts toward participation. Following two unexcused absences, the final grade will be lowered by a half letter for each absence.

⁃ Class participation 10%
⁃ Weekly blog entries 10%
⁃ EP presentations 10%
⁃ Mid-semester project 30%
⁃ Final project 40%