Monday, October 11, 2010

EPub Final Project - Due December 6

For the final project, students will choose one or more of the following web formats to create a new literary work or, in the case of an online lit mag or podcast, promote other people’s literary work:

  • Online literary magazine
  • Video series (posted on YouTube)
  • Hypertext Narrative
  • Podcast series
  • Twitter/Tumblr
  • Facebook/MySpace

Other types of projects will be considered, but must be approved by the instructor. The objective of this project is to create a project that stretches the web tool beyond its intended/original use for a creative outcome.

In addition to the electronic project, students will write a two- to three-page paper discussing their process, possibilities for promotion, and lessons learned. For any work that is considered part of an ongoing project, the paper should also discuss the project’s life beyond the class.


Due October 25: Students will prepare a one-page project proposal including:

  • Explanation of what web tools they will use, and why they are appropriate
  • Description of planned content (text and graphics)
  • Timeline for project

Students should feel free to e-mail Jenny and/or Meredith to discuss ideas before this date.

November 8 & 15: Individual conferences during class (Also, free lab)

November 22: Guest Panel

November 29: Free lab

December 6: Projects due. Presentations

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