Monday, October 18, 2010

Video Editing: The Basics

The tools you’ll need:
•Access to a computer with iMovie
•Video footage
•Any music, photos, or text you wish to incorporate into your project
•A folder dedicated to your video project

Getting Started:
1.Create a folder that contains all the things you want to incorporate into your video (images, music, text, your video footage). This will help ensure that you can easily access everything as you move from computer to computer.
2.Open iMovie and import the footage you would like to work with:
a.File>import movies
b.Select the video file you would like to work with
c.Create a “new event” for your Event Library
3.Create a new project
a.File>new project
4.Review the footage in the event you created and select clips to move into your project.
5.Trim and move the clips until they are in the order you prefer


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